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We are glad to have you. Welcome to the Marketing & Sales Portal powered by Trending Up Strategy & friends. Agency secrets, for you, the Empowered Marketing & Sales Professional.

Attract Your Target Buyers

Only spend time creating marketing content for your targeted buyers!  Go through vigorous discovery of your target Buyer Personas.

Convert Them to Leads

Turn anonymous web visitors to leads for your sales team by creating premium content that your buyer personas value.

Qualify Leads to Opportunities

Utilize marketing automation technology and strategic content, collect information about your prospects and rank the opportunities for sales team.

Close Opps to Sales

Create content that provides sales team with Sales Enablement tools.  If your marketing content does not double as Sales Enablement, it's not good content.

You Can't Afford to Not Have a Plan.

How much is guesswork about marketing tactics to pursue costing you?
How much does it cost you to not have a targeted, measurable plan in place?
You can't afford to guess anymore. 

Execute Like A Pro Now!

Become An Empowered Sales & Marketing Pro Now

Our products and services are designed to empower marketing coordinators by giving them tools to create effective marketing strategies in-house with agency level resources.

Customized Sales & Marketing Strategy Blueprint

$2,487.00 USD

The Sales & Marketing Strategy Blueprint is a detailed design for building your organization's complete digi...

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The D.I.Y. Agency-Level Marketing Process [advanced]

$497.00 USD

50+ Page Guided Marketing Process built for the marketing coordinator expected to generate leads. 12+ video courses ...

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The D.I.Y. Agency-Level Marketing Process Special Offer

$19.00 USD

25+ Page Guided Marketing Process built for the marketing coordinator expected to generate leads. Videos to step you...

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Personalized Coaching & Strategy

Jenna is a sales and marketing expert challenging the way business leaders, organizations, and professionals think about marketing and sales. Her strengths include sales coaching, applying marketing insights, and growth planning.

1:1 Marketing Coordinator/Manager Coaching w/ Jenna

3 monthly payments of $2,500.00 USD

Marketing Coordinators, learn this repeatable process and become a lead generation all star at your company! Discove...

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1:1 Marketing Coordinator/Manager Consultation w/ Jenna


In a 30-minute consultation, we'll find out: What your current marketing and sales goals are How your website and...

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Marketing & Sales Portal

$800.00 USD every month

Become an Empowered Marketing & Sales Pro with this Portal focusing on Marketing & Sales Strategy.

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"We've been very impressed with the content plan and calendar, where we have a very clear roadmap for 12 months....We're already seeing results from just doing some of the initial recommendations on our strategy."

Ethan Elser
VP of PACE Equity

"The process from Trending Up is, above all, the most organized marketing process I've ever utilized. Usually our team gets slowed down by complexity in our marketing and sales tactics; this strategy template empowers our coordinator to plan out our quarter and get it done efficiently in a way that guarantees a targeted message. It's been a fantastic purchase."

Carl Quindel
President of Strong Blocks Real Estate

Weekly Marketing Coordinator Bootcamp

Learn to achieve & report agency-level results – on a small business budget.


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